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PT, DPT, Women's Health Specialist, Founder




I am so happy you are here! I am Lauren and I am a Doctor of Physical Therapy in San Diego. My origins are in orthopedics and I specialize in women’s health, including pregnancy, postpartum and pelvic floor issues. 


I created Thrive Physical Therapy to show people a different style of treatment, to enhance function as opposed to just treating symptoms. And since you’re here reading this, I’m going to guess that you’re one of the wise people who get this style!


I believe that the way we move through life is important and doesn’t have to be as difficult or painful as it sometimes can be.


I believe your body can do more than just "be." 


We’ve been granted this one, beautiful, body to work with and it is my intention to help you thrive within it.



Thank you and welcome,



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Dr. Lauren Mallari-Snyder PT, DPT, Founder

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, movement and the soft tissues and joint components related to movement, are my jam! Assessment and treatment must go far beyond range of motion and strength testing. I look at how your musculoskeletal, fascial, visceral, neurodynamics and neuromuscular control systems all work together and allow or impair the way you move.


For some of you, you’re moving and managing your body PLUS one (or two or three…) I’m talking pregnancy!


You, Mama, get the added challenge of navigating this life in your constantly changing body as you progress through each trimester of pregnancy and then into the fourth trimester, postpartum. Helping you is definitely one of my passions. You, Mamas, are our lifeline and who make this world go 'round! 


Whichever system and body part/s you’re struggling with, lets make sure your soft tissues and joints move, make sure you have control and strength of those areas and then use all that goodness to function easier, decrease pain or even better, prevent it! The ol’ bandaid technique does not work in this model!


I’m excited to share my style with you and get your body thriving! 


Undergrad: San Diego State University. Graduated 2008. Earned Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, Pre-Physical Therapy.

Grad School: University of St. Augustine in San Marcos, CA. Graduated 2011. Earned Doctorate in Physical Therapy.


Functional Manual Therapy through the Institute of Physical Art

Women’s Health and Pelvic Floor through Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute


Strain-Counterstrain through the Jones Institute

Visceral Mobilization through Barral Institute

Innate Traditions Postpartum Care


DONA Postpartum Doula Training


Innate Postpartum Care Advanced Training:

Connecting to Your New Body After the First 6-Weeks Postpartum


American Physical Therapy Association

California Physical Therapy Association

San Diego Birth Network