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Birth Prep FUN!

Happy #Thrivinthursdays y’all!

I wanted to share a fun example of how to involve the partner in birth prep! I do this mobilization a lot with my Mama patients who are 37 weeks and beyond and ready to meet their babies earthside! Helping to open the pelvis, create more space for baby, and get Mama moving.

This night was a fun one, filled with dinner, dancing in the living room, and this innominate mobilization in the comfort of Mom and Dad’s bedroom. Support for our Mamas is A MUST and can be shown in all sorts of ways! In this case, we got the laughter and oxytocin a flowin’ all while doing a little hands on work and education! It’s a win, win, win, win! Oh, plus another huge was born just 2 days later! :)

Check out the video below!

See ya next week!

Your Physical Therapists (AKA Doctors of Movement),

Dr. Mallari-Snyder & Dr. Snyder

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