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Butts Up, Butts Under

Today’s #Thrivinthursdays shout out goes to a patient of ours with FANTASTIC glute control! Beside this being a sweet party trick, this type of control and dissociation of the glutes (butt) is super helpful to train and perform the specific movement that is ACTUALLY going to be beneficial for your issue. Not all glute squeezes are alike, and not all are warranted, depending on your issue.

Here, this patient was having sciatic pain and pelvic pain during sex. Anytime she turned her glutes on, they tucked her butt under, which put strain on the sciatic nerve and also super squeezed her pelvic floor muscles...contributing to her issues. (NO, it wasn’t just because she sat a lot for work or because her husband had a big penis). Her intention of using her glutes was good, but the DIRECTION the glutes were going was bad, for her.

In this video, the cues of “good” and “bad” were what worked for her! “Bad”= when she squeezes her glutes under and “Good”= when she turns her glutes on and lifts!

Through hands on body work and neuromuscular retraining, “Turn your glutes on.” no longer means “Tuck your butt under.” but now means “Lift your butt up with your glutes.” This stopped the tugging on her sciatic nerve and allowed her pelvic floor to actually take a break for a second! Yay, no more issues!

Moral of the story, not all glute squeezes do the same thing, some go up and some go down. Some go to the side and some rotate. Therefore, not all types of glute squeezes are for everyone. In this patient’s case, she need to use her glutes to pull her butt UP not UNDER in order to get rid of sciatic pain and get back to non-painful sexytime!

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