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Core Progression: STANDING


Last of this series! You’ve already received the first four progressions: supine, side-lying, quadruped and sitting. Now, continuing to follow along how babies do, we’re on to standing!


  1. SUPINE (lying on your back)

  2. SIDE-LYING (lying on your side)

  3. QUADRUPED (on all fours)



Again, even more important than knowing the progression to follow, is remembering THE BASICS! So, read THE BASICS, again. Maybe say them out loud! Keep these in mind during every single core exercise you do.


  1. CORE ON BEFORE CORE: Turn your core on, before you do the core exercise. That 1st core is your transverse abdominis and pelvic floor. Engage those before and during all exercises. Just because the exercise is “for your core”, your core may not always be doing the thing correctly. It’s what’s happening on the inside that counts, not how cool the exercise looks.

  2. OWN IT: Really own your strength, control and coordination of each step before moving on to the next. Just because the exercise is “for your core”, does not mean it is for YOUR core at that moment.

  3. CHECK YO’SELF OUT: Make sure your abdomen is not pooching outward and your spine remains in a neutral position (aka allowing a slight/natural arch in lower back. No need (in these particular exercises) to flatten or over extend your spine. If you’re good, you likely have your transverse abdominis and pelvic floor on engaged and you’re free to progress on!

  4. BRAIN AND BODY REPS: Do enough reps/sets/time to feel both physically and mentally connected. It doesn’t matter how many reps you do if your brain is not aware of what the heck your body is doing! Changes are made when BOTH brain and body are on board.

  5. BREATHE: We understand it’s tough to do. This is where some of the coordination training comes in to play.

Now, with those in mind, finally, this week’s focus…


  1. MARCHING WITH STICKS- Use one or two sticks, angled back toward your feet a bit, and press 30-50% in to the ground to further engage your core. Then, begin marching, keeping pelvis stable and spine in neutral position, not rounding or arching.

  2. PALLOF PRESS- Attach an elastic band at chest height. Hold the loose end at your sternum, bend your knees a little bit, engage your core in neutral spine and side step away from where the band is anchored. This is intended for you to prevent the rotation that the band creating! Stop when you feel a good amount of tension, then press your arms straight out in front of you, and bring them back in. You can progress this by “stirring the pot” but be sure to only “stir” your arms, not your torso. Do this on both sides (turn around so the band is coming from the other side of your body now).

  3. PALLOF PRESS WITH ROTATION - Set up just like you did above. Instead of pressing out and in, press out and stay there, THEN rotate your upper body and arms as a unit. Ensure your core is working to create this motion and you maintain neutral spine the whole time. Do this on both sides as well.

And there you have it, the 5th progression of this series of core awareness, engagement, stability and strengthening! Hope this has helped you understand and feel the importance of progressing as your body can tolerate...which is usually how babies do! ;)

Your Physical Therapists (AKA Doctors of Movement),

Dr. Mallari-Snyder & Dr. Snyder

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