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Movement Faux Pas #2: Hip Hinge!

The next important household faux pas is bending over to lift something up. This requires a functional hip hinge and a row and is one of the most fundamental movements that EVERYONE should be able to do! You can teach yourself! Start by working on a functional hip hinge.

  • Place a stick on your back with it touching the back of your head, mid back and sacrum

  • Then, while maintaining all 3 points of contact stick your butt back and hinge your upper body forward and down until you feel tension in your hamstrings

  • Make sure your core, glutes and hamstrings are on and not just your back muscles

Congratulations, you just did a hip hinge! You can add more bend in the knees to reach down to the floor and simply reverse the movement to come back up to standing.

Now, when you want to pick something up, perform the hip hinge while aiming for your chest to go directly over the object that you want to lift. Make sure to turn your core on to keep your back safe. Once in the hip hinge position, extend your arms reaching down to the object, then row/pull the object to your chest and squeeze your glutes (but don’t tuck your butt all the way under!) to come up to a standing position. Hopefully that made sense, if so do it 20 more times.

Some people may find that this movement is really hard to achieve or are still having low back pain while doing it. You guessed it, this is another great opportunity to seek out an educated Doctor of Physical Therapy to help you master this vital movement pattern.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have.

See you all soon!

Your Physical Therapists (AKA Doctors of Movement),

Dr. Mallari & Dr. Snyder

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