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How to ACTIVELY Use Percussion Massage Tools

Hello everyone and Happy #THRIVINTHURSDAYS!

Percussion massage devices have been BLOWING up! This is great, so we want to make sure that everyone is using them to their FULL potential and understand what to do after you use the hyper volt to maintain the mobility you gained. Most movement dysfunctions are made up of at least three components:

  • Mechanical: This includes dysfunction in soft tissue, fascia, tendons, bones, joints and many more. The percussion massage device can help to reduce some of these issues.

  • Neuromuscular: How well can you initiate and produce a specific movement, this sadly will not be helped by only using a percussion massage device. This will only change by ACTIVELY producing the new movement which will allow you to OWN IT!

  • Motor control: This is the final result, now that you have reduced the mechanical issues with the hyper volt and improved the neuromuscular control by becoming active, now you can work on tying it all together to efficiently produce a complex movement pattern like running.

Most people tend to want to use percussion massage devices in a passive way meaning you are sitting still and holding the device on a muscle and moving the device around. This is just one way to use it and probably best post-workout. Another way to use the device would be in an active manner meaning you are actively moving the muscle under the device while the device stays relatively still (see video). Another question that we get a lot is “how long should we be using the hyper volt?” I usually recommend that if you are new to the percussion massage spend about 2 minutes on each muscle group. If you are a seasoned veteran and have been using it for a long time they spend up to 5 minutes on each muscle group. Now that you are aware of how to become more ACTIVE while using the hyper volt, let's discuss what to do after to maintain your mobility. As you will see in the video we show how to increase gastroc/soleus(back of lower leg muscles) to improve ankle dorsiflexion(toes up or the position your ankle goes into during a squat). Once you are done reducing the mechanical issues with the hyper volt and increase the range of motion of the joint perform movements into that new position which will allow you to improve neuromuscular control and give you ownership of the new movement.

Now go forth and use your percussion massage device in an active way, followed by specific movement patterns so you can OWN IT!

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