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MVMT: Holding Techniques

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

🧔🏻For this #THRIVINTHURSDAYS we are continuing our discussion on “Household Movement Faux Pas”. This time, addressing efficient sitting posture while holding something (like a baby or a gassy dog…you’ll see haha ). If you missed the post a couple weeks ago about the efficient sitting posture, please go back and watch that, then attempt to perform this weeks challenge of holding an object while sitting.

It is a common misconception when people have to hold something in a sitting position that they need to use their arms and that’s it. Actually, this is only a small part of what you should be using to hold anything, the other major part is your scapular muscles and your core. When you place your scapulae back and down and turn on your core and scapular muscles while holding something, you are creating greater strength, endurance and stability which will reduce the chance of over activation of the wrong muscles, which usually creates soreness.

We understand that while you are holding your child or animal, your arms may get tired, which is normal. When you feel this, first try to help support your arms with pillows or an arm rest so you can allow your muscles to relax and allow the support to hold the weight of the baby/dog/object, not your arms. If supports are not possible, then try to switch the weight between each arm so the other arm can rest, then switch again as needed.

Finally, if you try the above techniques and you are still having a hard time with the load that you are trying to carry, then you likely are trying to hold something that is too heavy for you. In this case, seek out a well trained Physical Therapist to set you up with an appropriate strength program so that you can hold whatever you want like a champ!

See you next week!

Your Physical Therapists (AKA Doctors of Movement),

Dr. Snyder & Dr. Mallari

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