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Prolapse: "That Wasn't There Before!"

👩🏽 Happy #Thrivinthursdays!

Today we’re talking about PROLAPSE aka pelvic organ prolapse aka “That wasn’t there before!”. I recently had the pleasure of talking about this with Ali and Karly on their podcast @Birthkweens so I wanted to give you a quick overview of what prolapse is in case you missed it!

Watch this 8ish-minute video and following pictures for some info on:

  1. What prolapse is.

  2. What types of prolapse there are.

  3. How prolapses are graded by severity.

  4. Self-assessment.

  5. Treatment options.

  6. Prevention of prolapse.

Check out the Pelvic Guru illustrations at the end of the video, to better visualize:

  1. Types of prolapse

  2. Cystocele (bladder pressing on the front wall of the vaginal canal)

  3. Uterine prolapse (uterus)

  4. Pessary

This is all GREAT info ( if I do say so myself 😂), but I do feel it’s still the bare minimum so please go and listen to the podcast and/or get in contact with me if you have any questions or want more info!

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