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Shoulder Pain While Lifting Arms Overhead?

🧔🏻Hello and Happy  #THRIVINTHURSDAYS!!!!!

Reaching for that cereal box got ya down? Well, more specifically, do you have shoulder pain while lifting your arms overhead?

This is usually a combination of shoulder girdle muscle tension and/or muscle weakness (FYI a tight muscle is usually a sign of a weak muscle)!

We have a very simple movement you can perform to help get that body THRIVIN!

Check out the video below as Dr. Snyder walks you through this but let's explain it first!

While standing in front of a mirror start with both arms by your hips and bring them up towards your head like you were making a snow angel.  Notice how the two shoulders compare, is one shoulder elevated or not getting as high as the other? If so this is often a sign of tension and weakness.

The fix?

STRETCH and STRENGTHEN...both can be done in a quadruped position!

Stretch: While in quadruped bring both arm overhead to the same point that you felt tension or noticed the shoulders elevating in standing. Then rock your butt back to your heels which may provide a stretch but if not you can reach the tighter side hand to the other hand which should increase the stretch.  I recommend staying in this position and breathing for up to 2 mins increasing the stretch as needed.

Strengthen: Return to a quadruped position and engage your core and both shoulders like you are “screwing” you shoulder and hand into the ground.  Then take the tighter shoulder and try to lift it overhead to the exact angle that you felt tension or shoulder elevation with your initial snow angel movement.  Keep the elbow straight and think about trying to pull your scapula to the opposite glute muscle and hold this for 5-10 seconds for 20 repetitions. If this is too easy then you can use a theraband or weight to increase difficulty (see video for clarity).

See ya next week!

Your Physical Therapists (AKA Doctors of Movement), Dr. Snyder & Dr. Mallari

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