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Surfs Up Bra!

Welcome back to #THRIVINTHURSDAYS, today we are talking about a So Cal favorite….SURFING!

Surfing is an amazing sport that requires a lot of complex movements, strength, endurance, and coordination. A couple of common weaknesses that someone(like myself) could feel while they are surfing are paddling and the pop-up. These complex movements will require both upper and lower extremity strength with full trunk and pelvic engagement to fully own the movement.

The paddle and pop-up both require many different muscles and proper fascial plane mobility in order to be efficient. If while performing these movements you feel you are limited due to mobility let us know and we can give you some specific surfing mobility tips.

Because surfing is a mixture of power, strength, coordination, and endurance I would recommend everyone perform these exercises for about a minute at first and try to slowly build the amount of time you can perform them to increase endurance.

Paddle strength:

  1. Lay on an exercise ball with the ball under your belly and pelvis and place therabands in your hands. The therabands can be placed a little above your shoulder or higher for more resistance. First, activate the core thinking about keeping your ribs down to your pelvis, then press the tops of the feet into the ground or into the wall if there is one, then activate your glutes to help reduce hyperextension of the lumbar spine. Then, pull both of your scapulae down and begin to mimic your natural paddle stroke while trying to maintain a neutral pelvis and spine and limit rocking of the pelvis.

  2. This movement should be felt in the core, glutes, back muscles and pretty much everywhere in the shoulder, front and back. As I said above, this is about time, start with 30 secs and work up to 1-2 mins.

Pop-up strength:

  1. First, place some sliders under your feet and lay on your stomach like you were about to perform a push-up. Then, perform a push-up while you bring your right knee and foot towards your left armpit(this is for my goofy riders) and hold for a couple of seconds.

  2. Then all you have to do is the exact same thing while driving your left knee and foot to your right armpit(for my regular riders). I would recommend trying to keep the transition between sides pretty quick to keep it challenging and perform it for 30 seconds first and work up to a couple of minutes.

Good luck!

As always, feel free to reach out :)

Your Physical Therapists (AKA Doctors of Movement),

Dr. Snyder & Dr. Mallari

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