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👩🏽 Happy #Thrivinthursdays and Happy Halloween!

Today’s post has nothing to do with Halloween but EVERYTHING to do with showing you how KICK ASS my patients are! This is Paula. She’s 2.5 years postpartum and Crossfit is her thing.

*No, not everyone needs to do Crossfit or work out hard anywhere for that matter! Not every Mom needs to jump right back in to exercise. BUT, every Mom needs to know she’s encouraged to take time for herself and capable of working toward what she wants and what feels good.

THIS is what Paula wants to do. THIS is what makes Paula feel good. THIS is Paula’s thaaang.

We asked her a few questions. Here are her answers and some pictures!

1) What did you come to Physical Therapy for?

I came to PT for my diastasis recti after having given birth. I worked with an at-home diastasis program prior to Thrive PT but was starting to amp up my workouts/training and felt like I was re-opening my diastasis with the movements I was doing.

2) How and what are you doing now that you couldn’t do before or you were too afraid to do before?

I am doing just about everything now. I wasn't doing any planks or crunches or kipping movements in Crossfit. I wasn't even sure I should be doing pull-ups for a while, but now I am doing everything. Double unders. Trampoline with my now 2.5 year old daughter. Even weighted pullups. I just did my first handstand pushup this weekend! Twice.

3) We hear “Why didn’t someone tell me about that!?” ALL. THE. TIME! Tell us something you learned or that surprised you about physical therapy.

That EVERYTHING is connected. I might have a sore right lower back and thinking if I just massaged that area, it'd be better. Turns out, it's linked to my left IT Band, and after having them work on it, the lower back is better! I'm constantly amazed at what our bodies can do, but also how knowledge is power! And THRIVE has it! Also, diastasis recti is COMMON. But NOT normal. My mom is from the era of "well that's just what happens to women after giving birth" (talking about peeing when sneezing or not being able to jump rope or pain with sex, etc, etc etc) and I will not accept that. And because of that, Lauren has helped me have confidence in the things I CAN DO and not stopping at the things that needed 'fixing' after having a baby.

We’re so proud of you Paula!

Yes, proud because you can do all of these things and more (Like, can anyone else do a leg-less rope climb? She can!) but more so, proud of your commitment to yourself and to progressing your strength and function responsibly by paying attention to your core and pelvic floor’s role in exercise and how its ALL CONNECTED!

Check out her video below and as always, let us know if you have any questions!

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