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Travel Often? These Tips Might Help...


Today we thought it would be helpful to highlight an actual friend/patient’s journey through pain, posture, confusion, breathing, a lot of spinning and eventually coming out the other side as a THRIVING, mobile, pain-free human that looks forward to whatever life throws at her. Not to mention she has a great tan! (see video below).

This testimonial really highlights what Lauren and I are truly passionate about, which is helping people understand and address the often many little issues, like the correct posture on a long plane ride, and sometimes large issues, like a recent back injury that is limiting your ability to brush your teeth. All the small and large “issues” play a role in creating movement/postural disorders, weakness and sometimes pain. When all of these “issues” can be identified and treated correctly the patient’s potential and ability to THRIVE in all things movement and life-related are substantially increased.

We hope you enjoy the video and please do not hesitate to contact us, your “Doctors of Movement”, with any questions you may have, as we want as many people to THRIVE as possible.

Until next week!

Your Physical Therapists (AKA Doctors of Movement), Dr. Snyder & Dr. Mallari

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