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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

We are so excited to welcome you to our very first #THRIVINTHURSDAYS

Every week, our goal is to bring you something of value because trust us, we get it, there are way too many emails hitting our inbox on a daily basis. So we hope this one becomes something you look forward to every week!

It might be an important health tip, exercise, success story, upcoming event, or honestly just something to put a big 'ol smile on your face because let's be honest, the zygomaticus major and minor need some training as well! 😉

This week's #THRIVINTHURSDAYS is from one of our incredible patients and her success story that absolutely needs some's kinda long but totally worth reading. 

Thank you to Vanessa for sharing, we are SO proud of you! 

"Are you pregnant or have you recently had a baby? Are you having painful sex? Can't laugh or go on a trampoline without peeing yourself? Do you have a vagina?? Go see Dr. Mallari-Snyder! I promise it’ll be one of the best decisions ever. Hubby and I are back in action after only TWO sessions with Dr. Mallari-Snyder! I’m 10 months postpartum and we hadn’t been able to have sex in all of that time thanks to excruciating pain whenever we’d try. My in-network doctors brushed this off as “normal” and told me, “yeah, you had a baby.” But I knew this was not normal and, even if it were common, it was not something I was willing to “suffer through." In desperation, I turned to the WholeMamas podcast and stumbled across their episode with Dr. Mallari and I learned that pelvic floor physical therapists existed…because even though my insurance covers ones in-network…um, they don’t tell you that they offer such a service. Why though?? I knew I wanted to go see her, but I thought I’d give the in-network PT a try first. After jumping through hoops to even get a referral, many months and countless appointments, there was no marked improvement…and certainly no hanky panky. I was done and had literally tried to forget I even had a vagina. I finally reached out to Dr. Mallari and I’m SO glad I did! She listened to me, looked at the whole picture of my PP journey and got to the root of the issue immediately. Two sessions…she’s a freakin’ rockstar and so worth every penny! She loves what she does and takes her intensive education and elevates it to an art form. I plan on working with her again when the time comes to have my next baby and beyond.”

Until next week!

Your Physical Therapists (AKA Doctors of Movement),

Dr. Mallari & Dr. Snyder

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