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What Are You Doing In Bed?

👩🏽 We are talking about sleeping posture, people! What were you thinking!?!

Anyways, Happy #Thrivinthursdays! We hope this finds you well and NOT in a post-Halloween binge candy eating coma. But, if you ARE, then here are some tips for you!

Food/candy coma or not, we spend a lot of time lying around and sleeping, so sleeping posture is pretty important! *Granted, many of you may be in a season of no sleep right now this post for later! This too shall pass :)

People most commonly sleep on their back or on their side, so we’ll go over those two positions.

Tips for good sleeping posture:

  1. Support your legs from crotch to feet

  2. Support your neck and head equally and in a neutral position

  3. Support your waist/low back in neutral position

Supine (on your back):

  1. Towel under the pillow, under neck and/or head- scrunched or folded

  2. Towel under low back- scrunched or folded

  3. Pillow(s) under legs all the way from your sit bones to your heels. Not just under your knees.

Sidelying (on your side):

  1. Towel under the pillow, under neck and/or head- scrunched or folded high enough to fill in the space from shoulder to neck and head

  2. Towel in waistline-scrunched or folded

  3. Pillow(s) between legs all the way from crotch to feet. Not just between your knees.

Now, we know this seems super extra, but TRY it first! Fully supporting the head and neck is so important to actually allow your body to fully relax and also to prevent those crazy kinks and “I must have slept on it wrong” complaints. And, supporting the legs the WHOLE WAY will actually decrease the strain in the hip sockets, low back and knees. If you only put the pillow between your legs (for instance, in side-lying posture) then you’re not actually unweighting the heaviest part of your legs, which is up at the top of your thigh.

It will be weird at first. The pillows and towels will end up on the floor. But you’ll get used to it and eventually, they’ll either stay in place or you’ll subconsciously move them around with you as you roll around in bed!

Try it out, build a couple sleeping posture forts with your sig O and let us know how it goes!

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