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After having two kids 13 months apart, I was having some incontinence and pelvic floor issues postpartum.  Although I thought it was “normal”, I went to see Dr. Lauren about it because I’m very active and it was becoming a big nuisance for me - not to mention, I was quite embarrassed.  Dr. Lauren informed me that although incontinence is extremely common it is actually not “normal”.  Knowing this is a very sensitive topic, Dr. Lauren was sweet, professional, and beyond knowledgable at every appointment.  With a few weeks of appointments and staying consistent with my at home exercises, I am now able to workout pee-free! :-)  A few months after visiting her, I then tore my ACL and of course immediately called her for pre-hab before surgery and rehab for after.  I fully attribute my quick healing and smooth recovery to Dr. Lauren’s experience and amazing knowledge. From the moment you walk in, she greets you with a contagious smile and shows true interest and concern for your well-being. She is a one of a kind and I am forever grateful to have found her.  If you are looking for a doctor of physical therapy, than Dr. Lauren Mallari-Snyder is 100% the one!